Advanced Practice Instructions

Sample School Letter

Your letter on school letterhead must be sent directly to the Arizona State Board of Nursing. Click here to download a sample letter.

Temporary Certificate

Temporary AP Certificate is available for:

  1. 1. Endorsement applicants who have met all of the above requirements and have been issued a temporary Arizona RN license or hold a current professional license in good standing in another compact party state.

  2. New graduate AP applicants who have met all of the above requirements and are awaiting national certification. Applicant must:
    • Request certifying agency to send verification that you have applied for and are eligible to take or have taken an advanced practice certifying examination in their category or specialty area of practice. Verification must come directly from the certifying agency, directly to ASBN.

    • Provide written authorization to the certifying body to release the certifying examination results to the Board (see temporary
      certification application).

A form to request a temporary certificate is included with the instructions. In addition to the completed application and requirements as stated above for permanent certification, please note the following:

  • Must submit the required fee.

  • Applicants are ineligible for a temporary certificate if they answer “yes” to the application questions of the application. Issuance of a permanent certificate will also be delayed.

  • A temporary advanced practice certificate will not be issued until official transcripts, and official letter from your school and verification of eligibility to test for national certification from the testing agency are received by AZBN. The temporary certificate will be mailed to the address on your application. A temporary certificate can be held at the Board office for you to pick up, if you submit a written request with your application.

  • The temporary certificate expires in 6 months from date of issue or automatically upon failure of the national certifying exam. (Temporary certificates may be renewed for good cause at the direction of the Executive Director. Temporary certificates do expire due to failure of national certifying exam.)

  • If you do receive a temporary certificate and have not received a permanent certificate at least 10 days before the temporary certificate is due to expire, call Cristina Oates at 602-771-7800 to request an extension.

Prescribing and Dispensing Authority

Nurse Practitioners & Certified Nurse Midwives seeking prescribing and dispensing privileges must complete question 20 (prescribing & dispensing) AND shall submit written evidence of 45 contact hours of education in pharmacology or clinical management of drug therapy within the three year period immediately preceding this application. You may not prescribe or dispense medications until you receive official notification that prescribing and dispensing authority has been granted. An additional fee for Prescribing & Dispensing is required (see fees on application).

  • Nurse Practitioners or Certified Nurse Midwives must hold current licensure as an RN in Arizona or a compact license with multi state privilege OR

  • Be certified by the Board of Nursing within one of the specialty area(s) identified in the rules of the Board of Nursing at R4-19-501.

DEA Registration Number

If you are going to prescribe and/or dispense controlled substances, you will need to apply to the Drug Enforcement Administration for a DEA number.

  1. A DEA number cannot be obtained until you have received prescribing and/or dispensing authority from the Board.

  2. You must contact the DEA at to obtain an application.

  3. When the DEA number has been obtained you must notify the Board of your number by sending a copy of the Registration Number.

Helpful Hints On Prescribing and Dispensing Authority

Only Nurse Practitioners/Certified Nurse Midwives who have been certified by the Arizona State Board of Nursing, and meet the other established criteria in R4-19-511 can be granted prescribing/dispensing authority.

The following information is about PRESCRIBING & DISPENSING:

  1. A DEA number (license) is necessary only if you are going to prescribe controlled substances. To obtain this license, the nurse practitioner must apply to the DEA and pay the required fee. Once this license has been obtained, it must be renewed with the DEA. Controlled substances, Class 2, 3, 4, & 5 can be prescribed. Class 2 cannot be refilled. Class 3 and 4 can be refilled for a maximum of 5 refills in six months. Class 5 can be refilled up to a year.

  2. Arizona’s prescriptive authority can only be used in Arizona. It cannot be transferred to another state. Prescriptive laws for nurse practitioners vary from state to state.

  3. P&D authority is contingent upon AP certificate renewal.

  4. Individuals with prescribing and dispensing authority must comply with R4-19-511, R4-19-512, and R4-19-513.

    (NOTE: Endorsement means nurses who are licensed in another US state or Territory and wish to apply for licensure in Arizona.)