RN/LPN Programs

Approved Programs

 Nursing Programs Approved by the AZ State Board of Nursing
 Admission Requirements for Nursing Programs
 On-time Graduation Rates for RN & PN

Application And Forms

 Professional and Practical Nursing Program Proposal Application Packet 
 Professional and Practical Nursing Program Provisional Application Packet 
 Nursing Program Expansion When Under Provisional Approval
 Self Study Guidelines
 Site Visit Worksheet
 Professional and Practical Nursing Program Full/Renewal Application
 Application for Nursing Program Change 
 Nursing Program Clinical Commitment Form (Writable)
 Fingerprint Card Request Form (Writable)
 Education Department Complaint Form (Writable)
 Certificate of Authority Form

 Board Policies  

 Policy on Submission of Materials to Education Committee 

Clinical Placements in Arizona

 Clinical Facility Utilization Among Arizona Nursing Programs - 2013
 2009 Survey of Clinical Coordinators (ppt)

Program Resources

 AZNA Clinical Coordination "The Existing Reality" by Jane Werth, RN, MS
 Preparing for a Site Visit:  Putting Your Best Foot Forward (ppt)
 Veteran Health Care Specialist/Medic LPN Bridge Course 
 Comparison of RN and LPN Standards Related to Scope
 Final Report of Newly Licensed RNs - 2013
 Final Report of Newly Licensed RNs - 2012
Final Report of Newly Licensed RNs - 2011
 Final Report of Newly Licensed RNs - 2010
 Nursing Administrator/Director Program Resources
 Nursing Program Administrator - Discussion Points 
 Nursing Program Expansion Information Fact Sheet
 Substantive Policy Statement- Program Expansion Under Provisional Approval
 Regulation of Nursing Programs 2013 (ppt)
 Position Paper:  Concurrent Accreditation/Approval Site Visits
 Nursing Program Changes in Mission and Goals

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