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Original License Date: 2/1/2006 
Due For Renewal: 5/2/2014 
Lawful Presence: Verified 
License Status:5/2/2014 - REVOKED 
Fingerprints: YES 
Fingerprints Date: 1/25/2006 

There has been past disciplinary action taken against this person within the past 10 years. This could include a Civil Penalty, Decree of Censure, Probation, Revocation, Suspension or Voluntary Surrender. For information about this action, call (602) 771-7875.
Case Number:1311014
Board Action Outcome Date:11/22/2013
Final Outcome(s):1110 - Revocation of License
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Case Number:1104073
Board Action Outcome Date:12/17/2012
Final Outcome(s):1125 - Probation of License
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The Arizona State Board of Nursing's online verification system is a free service provided to licensees, certificate holders, employers and the public for primary source verification. In addition to verifying the person is licensed or certified through the website, users are encouraged to ask to view the current license/certificate, request a picture identification such as a driver's license or passport or Social Security card to verify the person's identity. (Note: Accepting a photo copy of the license may not be a reliable verification that the person is licensed.)