Nurse Practice Act

Below are resources to access all Arizona State Statutes, Rules, and other governmental documents. The Nurse Practice Act is comprised of both statutes and rules (Arizona Administrative Code), listed separately below.

Nurse Practice Act Test

The Nurse Practice Act Test you are about to take was developed in 2006 from the Statutes of the Arizona State Board of Nursing.  It consists of 50 multiple-choice items covering areas of the Nurse Practice Act considered essential to safe nursing practice in Arizona.  The test may be used as a teaching-learning tool for nursing students, nurses new to practice in Arizona, and nurses desiring additional education on the practice of nursing in Arizona.  The Board or a nurse-manager may also direct a nurse with a knowledge deficit in this area to take the test.  The test may be taken with or without referring to the Nurse Practice Act.  After completion of the test, your score and the missed items with the correct answer will be sent to your e-mail address.

This test is the exclusive property and of the Board. Use of this test by the public is limited to educational purposes only. Any person taking this test agrees to the following: 

  • Not disclose any part of this test including the contents, answers, or otherwise provide an advantage to any other person who may take this test
  • Not reproduce this test, any part of this test, or the score sheet except for the purpose of verification, without the express written permission of the Board
  • Score sheets may be printed for the sole purpose of verifying completion of the test to an instructor or supervisor

By clicking the "TAKE THE TEST" button below, you agree to the above terms.

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