The Board receives many inquiries regarding advisory opinions related to nursing practice and /or education. An advisory opinion adopted by the Board is an interpretation by the Board of what the law requires. While an advisory opinion is not law, it is more than a recommendation. In other words, an advisory opinion is an official opinion of the Arizona Board of Nursing regarding the practice of nursing as it relates to a specific standard of care. ARS 32-1606 (A) (2).

Document Title Updated
Abandonment of Patients 09/2012
Acupuncture Procedures Performed by APRNs 01/2015
Advisory Opinion Process 07/2015
Amniotomy 07/2014
Analgesia by Catheter Techniques* Epidural, Intrathecal, Interpleural, Perineural 09/2011
Anesthesia Epidural 06/1999
Anesthetic Agents Administered by RNs for Limited Purposes 01/2003
Apheresis: Role of the LPN 09/2013
Assessing Patient-Client Conditions - The Role of The RN 01/2011
Blood Cell Salvage - Role of the RN 07/2014
Bone Marrow Aspiration & Biopsy 11/2015
Cardiac Electrophysiology Related Procedures Performed by RN's 03/2015
Central Line Insertion by Registered Nurses 03/2015
Cervical Ripening Agents Prostaglandin Gel and Suppositories 03/2013
Chest Tubes: Removal of Pleural and Mediastinal Chest Tubes 03/2012
Chronic Dialysis in an Outpatient Facility - The Role of an LPN 01/2010
Contrast Media Injection Into Coronary Arteries 07/2012
Controlled Substances for the Treatment of Chronic Pain 07/2012
Debridement, Conservative Sharp Wound 11/2015
Decision Tree 01/2013
Deep Sedation For Mechanically Ventilated Patients 03/2011
Delegation of Nursing Assistant Tasks 03/2013
Determination of Death: Role of RN/LPN 01/2014
Distance Education 11/2003
Dual Profession and Dual Health Care Licensure/Certification 04/2015
Endoscopic Procedures: The Role of the RN 01/2013
Endotracheal Intubation -The Role of the RN 09/2014
Epidural Analgesia By Nurse Anesthetist 01/2003
External Jugular Cannulation for Peripheral IV and/or Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter 09/2011
Fetal Spiral Electrodes 07/2014
Flexible Sigmoidoscopy for Screening Purposes 07/2013
Foot Care 07/2012
Immunization Administration by Using A Nursing Protocol in an Ambulatory Setting 01/2014
Informed Consent 01/2016
Intra Aortic Balloon Removal 11/2015
Intradermal, Subcutaneos, and Submucosal Infiltration of Local Anesthetic Agents: Role of the Nurse 03/2015
Intranasal Administration of Versed (Midazolam) for Treatment of Signs & Symptoms of Acute Seizure Outside the Clinical Setting 09/2013
Intraosseous Cannulation 03/2016
Intrauterine Pressure Catheters 01/2013
Intrauterine/Intracervical Insemination 07/2010
Intravenous Administration of Radiologic Contrast Media 01/2011
Intravenous Infusion Therapy/Venipuncture: The Role of the Licensed Practical Nurse 03/2012
Intraventricular Implanted Devices Temporary Intracranial Catheters 03/2015
Intubation-Endotracheal and the Use of Advanced Airway Devices-The Role of the RN 01/2011
Ionizing Radiation for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Purposes 01/2014
Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band (LAGB) Fill 09/2013
Low-Dose Continuous IV Ketamine Administration For Treatment of Intractable or Chronic Pain, or Depression 01/2016
Lumbar Puncture 01/2013
Medical Esthetic Procedures Performed by Licensed Nurses 03/2015
Moderate Sedation/Analgesia For Diagnostic And Therapeutic Procedures 01/2016
Nitrous Oxide Administration 03/2015
Nurse Practitioner Description of Role and Functions 01/2009
Off Label Prescribing Drugs, Devices and Therapeutics 04/2014
Orders: Accepting, Transcribing, Reviewing Orders 09/2012
Pacemaker Wires: Removal of Temporary 01/2013
Palliative Sedation at End of Life 09/2013
Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) Insertion, Suturing, Maintenance, Removal and Verification of Tip Placement 11/2015
Preceptorship For Pre-Licensure - Students 07/2006
Pre-Hospital Nursing 03/2015
Prescription Medication Renewals Using a Nursing Protocol in an Ambulatory Setting 03/2015
Pulmonary Artery (PA) Catheter Removal 01/2016
Punch and Shave Biopsies Performed by RNs 01/2014
Registered Nurse First Assistant - RNFA 07/2014
Sheath Removal, Placement of Mechanical Compression Devices, & Deployment of Vascular Closure Devices 09/2013
Stress Testing - Pharmacological 03/2012
Subcutaneous Infusion 09/2012
Supervision of LPN By Registered Nurses 01/2007
Supervision of Unlicensed Nurse Externs By Registered Nurses 05/2015
Suture Mediated Closure Devices 07/2013
Treating Self Family and Others 04/2015
Tumescent Lidocaine Injection: Role of the RN 03/2011
Ultrasounds: Limited Obstetric, Gynecologic and Reproductive 07/2014
Use of Simulation in Approved RN/LPN Programs 05/2015
Ventilator Care By LPNs 03/2015
Wound Care: Role of the LPN 01/2011
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Notice to Nursing and Employers - Licensure Renewal
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