Batch Online Verification

To batch verify RN/LPN/CNA licensure or certification and Temporary licensure for RNs, LPNs and CNAs, please enter one license/certificate number per line in the form below.

License and Certificate Batch Online Verification Form
  License/Certificate Number (one per line)
Please limit to a maximum of 50 licenses/certificates at a time

The Arizona State Board of Nursing's online verification is an optional service provided to licensees, employers and the public.

Results will be returned quickly and will give you the following information:

  • Name of the licensee or certificate holder.
  • License or certificate type.
  • License or certificate number.
  • Date license or certificate was originally issued.
  • Actions taken by the Board of Nursing.
    • Dismissed - Evidence does not support the case has merit or that there has been a violation of the Nurse Practice Act.
    • Non-disciplinary Action - Includes Letter of Concern and Administrative Penalty within the past five years.
    • Disciplinary Action - Includes Civil Penalty, Decree of Censure, Probation, Suspension, Revocation, and Voluntary Surrender within the past ten years. Disciplinary action taken more than ten years ago can be obtained by written request.
  • The status of the license or certificate including whether the individual has multi-state privileges.
    • Multi-state privileges means the nurse can work in any compact state using their Arizona license.
  • Whether or not the individual has prescription privileges.
  • Whether or not the individual has dispensing privileges.
  • The individuals AP specialty type if any.
  • Whether or not the individual has been fingerprinted by ASBN.
    • Fingerprinting for all examination and endorsement applicants began on 1/2/99 and was not required before then.

NOTE: If you are verifying a temporary RN or LPN number and the response you receive says that it is not found, try eliminating the "t" from the TRN or TLP and re-submit the form (the individual may have already received their permanent license).