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90-Day Emergency Temporary Waiver

Request Renewal of 90-Day Emergency Waiver
Within 14 days of expiration, waiver recipients may request a 90-Day Emergency Waiver renewal by requesting a renewal through the Nurse Portal's Message Center and selecting the "90 Day Waiver" category. All 90-day waivers may be renewed in 90-day intervals, at the discretion of the Board. The waivers expire when the State of Emergency for the COVID-19 ends, even if that is less than the 90 days granted by the Board. If a renewal request is not received within the 14 days of the waiver expiration date, the original waiver will automatically expire and will require a new application.


90-Day Emergency Temporary Waiver FAQs

NCLEX Testing

Graduate/Practical Nurse Temporary Authorization to Practice

Requirements for Graduate Nurse Candidates to Practice Under Temporary Authorization

Telehealth Nursing Practice

COVID-19 Pandemic Vaccination, Limited License


At its March, 2020, meeting, the Arizona State Board of Nursing (“Board”) approved a Declaration related to Governor Doug Ducey’s State of Emergency declaration related to the COVID-19 pandemic. This March 2020 Declaration waived certain professional licensing requirements in relation to 1) providing temporary licensure for 90 days to any level of nurse or nursing assistant who holds a license/certificate in good standing in another state (noting that the multistate compact would provide for immediate ability of nurses to practice in Arizona already); 2) allowing pre-licensure nursing students obtaining a nursing or medication temporary 90 day nursing assistant or medication assistant certificates upon completion of one semester of instruction and passing the state exam; 3) waiving specific clinical nursing program requirements for nursing programs and permitting increased use of simulation; 4) for nurses whose renewal period was in the past 5 years, waive the 960 hour practice requirement for temporary license.


COVID-19 Pandemic Vaccination, Limited License


Since the new COVID-19 vaccines have become available, numerous retired or inactive nurses who may not wish to renew or may not otherwise meet practice requirements to be able to renew expressed interest in wanting to help in the vaccination efforts.


Due to the significant toll COVID-19 has taken on Arizonans, and the ongoing dangers related to infection rates, in the January 2021 Board Meeting, the Board approved a new Emergency Declaration that would allow retired/inactive nurses from any state to obtain a temporary (180 day), limited license for the sole purpose of administering COVID-19 vaccines.

Attached is a list of nurses who have been approved for the COVID-19 Pandemic Vaccination, Limited License with expiration dates. The waivers expire when the State of Emergency for the COVID-19 ends, even if that is less than the 180 days granted by the Board. If a renewal request is not received within 14 days of the limited license expiration date, the original limited license will automatically expire.


IMPORTANT: This limited license is not a general license to practice nursing, nor a license to administer any vaccine. Rather, it is a limited license that only permits administration of the COVID-19 vaccine in Arizona, due to the COVID-19 pandemic State of Emergency. 

If you are looking to complete the to COVID-19 Pandemic Vaccination, Limited License application, please click here.

Additionally, if you are looking for a list of Approved Vaccinators, please click here.


Comparisons of Temporary Waivers/Licenses


Arizona State Board of Nursing accepted Electronic Fingerprints (from instate applicants only) and FD-258 fingerprint cards. Below are links to additional information and locations

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