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90-Day Waiver

NCLEX Testing

Graduate/Practical Nurse Temporary Authorization


Earlier this week the Arizona Board of Nursing was made aware that some applicants were having a difficult time locating the FD-258 fingerprint card and places that will roll the fingerprints during the pandemic.

In an effort to alleviate some of the burden we are providing a list of companies that continue to offer fingerprinting services.

Below is the link for alternative locations throughout the State.

Fingerprint Locations

On-Site/Mobile Testing

90-Day Emergency Temporary Waiver

Request Renewal of 90-Day Emergency Waiver
Within 14 days of expiration, waiver recipients may request a 90-Day Emergency Waiver renewal by requesting a renewal through the Nurse Portal's Message Center and selecting the "90 Day Waiver" category. All 90-day waivers may be renewed in 90-day intervals, at the discretion of the Board. The waivers expire when the State of Emergency for the COVID-19 ends, even if that is less than the 90 days granted by the Board. If a renewal request is not received within the 14 days of the waiver expiration date, the original waiver will automatically expire and will require a new application.


90-Day Emergency Temporary Waiver FAQs

NCLEX Testing

Graduate/Practical Nurse Temporary Authorization to Practice

Requirements for Graduate Nurse Candidates to Practice Under Temporary Authorization

Telehealth Nursing Practice

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