Non-Disciplinary Administrative Penalties

Administrative penalties are non-disciplinary financial penalties issued by agreement between the licensee and the Nursing Board, pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes section 32-1663.01. The agreements are available pursuant to a public records request, which can be made at [email protected].


*The most common types of penalties are for expired licenses ("Exp'd"), or a delay in applying for Arizona nurse licensure as the nurse's home state, or primary state of residence ("PSOR"), pursuant to the Nurse Licensure Compact. Nurses may also receive an administrative penalty for failure to timely update their address with the Board.



NameDate Fully ExecutedLicense TypeLicense NumberAP Type*
Kelly Lynn Marcello03/31/2024RNRN283468PSOR
Ashley Coy McNeese03/28/2024RNRN265351 (GA)PSOR
Tatiana Belousova03/27/2024LPNLPN44917 (CO)PSOR
Chantel Giovanni Perry03/25/2024RNRN270617PSOR
Ivy Mae Johnston03/24/2024RNRN299971PSOR
Sarah Lynn Espinosa03/21/2024RNRN145218Exp’d
Tanya Sylvia03/19/2024LPNLPN301811PSOR
Christina Beck03/15/2024RNTEMP246689Exp’d
Rena Ann Meier03/15/2024LPNLPN302958PSOR
Paula Rae Struve03/15/2024RNRN119263Exp’d
Bridget Calaunan03/13/2024RNRN301402PSOR
Brittany Davis03/13/2024RNRN299749PSOR
Bridget Linnebur03/13/2024RNRN301384PSOR
Shawna Kjenstad03/12/2024LPNLPN 301744PSOR
Kayli Gilchrist03/09/2024RNRN 301812PSOR
Jonathan Raboca03/09/2024RNRN285575PSOR
Carol Lee Flaugher03/03/2024RNRN125439Exp’d
Abigail Brison03/02/2024RNRN301073PSOR
Susan Cummings02/15/2024RNRN158473Exp’d
Janice Marie Moyers02/08/2024RNRN297427PSOR
Brittany Ann Corrigan02/08/2024RNRN299603PSOR
Ann Marie Winsor02/08/2024RNRN295861PSOR
Cathy Farci02/07/2024LPNLP025113Exp’d
Nicole Lynn Lawson02/06/2024RNRN303526PSOR
Mary Cooper02/01/2024RNRN030205Exp’d
Tamara Lynn Fisher01/31/2024RNRN216372Exp’d
Candace King01/31/2024RNRN301373PSOR
Lindsay Louise Gilmore01/26/2024RNRN303090PSOR
Devin Nicole Smith01/19/2024RNRN156397Exp’d
Deeanna Lynn Martin01/13/2024LNALNA1000045628Exp’d