Who is eligible for APRN or CRNA certification?

Registered Nurses seeking certification as a Nurse Practitioner or Certified Nurse Midwife only shall meet the following requirements:

  1. Current Arizona RN license in good standing OR current RN license with multistate privileges in another compact state.
  2. An official transcript directly from the institution attended that provides evidence of:
    1. A graduate degree with a major in nursing for RNP and CNS applicants.
  3. An official letter sent directly from the program to AZBN, stating the role and population focus of the program.
  4. The educational program was:
    1. Part of a graduate degree/post-master’s program at an accredited institution; OR
    2. The program was approved or recognized in the U.S jurisdiction of program location for the purpose of granting APRN licensure or certification.
  5. National Certification or re-certification as an APRN in the role and population focus if certification was issued after 7-1-2004. Exception: a CNS granted a waiver of certification.
  6. Meets practice requirement by verifying they have:
    1. Completed an advanced practice nursing education program within the past five years; or
    2. Practiced for a minimum of 960 hours within the past five years where the nurse:
      • Worked for compensation or as a volunteer, as an APRN: OR
      • Held a position for compensation or as a volunteer that required, preferred or recommended in the job description, the level of advanced practice certification being sought or renewed.
  7. If the applicant satisfies all other requirements, the Board shall continue to certify:
    1. An RNP without a graduate degree with a major in nursing if the applicants:
      • Meets all other requirements for certification; and
      • Ensures that the U.S jurisdiction of an applicant’s previous RNP licensure/certification submits evidence of certification or licensure in the NP role and population focus that either is current or was current at least six months before the application was received by the board, and was originally issued:
        1. Before 1-1-2001, if the RNP applicant lacks a graduate degree; or
        2. Before 11-13-2005 if the RNP’s graduate degree is in a health-related area other than nursing.
    2. An RNP or CNS applicant without evidence of national certification who received initial APRN certification/licensure in another state before 7-1-2004 and provides evidence, directly from the jurisdiction, that the certification/licensure is current.
    3. A CNS applicant without evidence of completion of a CNS program who received initial certification of advanced practice licensure in this or another state before 11-13-2005 and provides evidence, directly from the jurisdiction, that the certificate/license is current.
    4. A CNS applicant who completed a women’s health clinical nurse specialist program that was part of a graduate degree in a nursing program without evidence of national certification upon submission of the following:
      • A description of the applicant’s scope of practice that is consistent with the Nurse Practice Act definition R4-19-514.
      • One of the following:
        1. A letter from a faculty member who supervised the applicant during the graduate program attesting to the applicant’s competence to practice within the defined scope of practice; OR
        2. A letter from a current supervisor verifying the applicant’s competence in the defined scope of practice; OR
        3. A letter from a physician, RNP, or CNS who has worked with the applicant within the past 2 years attesting to the applicant’s competence in the defined scope of practice and
      • Verification that the applicant has practiced a minimum of 500 hours in the population focus within the past 2 years, which may include clinical practice time in a CNS program.
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Statement of locations where all notices of the meetings of the Arizona State Board of Nursing will be posted.

Pursuant to A.R.S. §38-431.02(A)(1)(a), the Arizona State Board of Nursing will post all notices of the meetings of the Arizona State Board of Nursing Meetings and any of its committees and subcommittees on the Board's website at www.azbn.gov. Notices will indicate the date, time, and place of the meeting and will include an agenda or information concerning the manner in which the public may obtain an agenda for the meeting.