Verification for Endorsement


Arizona Nurses/Nursing Assistants

For Arizona Nurses/Nursing Assistants Needing Verification Sent*

Individuals requesting verification for credentialing purposes, employment opportunities, and/or licensing to another state or agency who do not participate with, will need the follow the below steps:

  • Submit a $50.00 license verification payment through the Arizona State Board of Nursing's online payment system.
  • Send an email to [email protected] with a copy of your receipt, license number for verification, and/or supporting documentation,
  • You must include name, address\email address of the recipient in order to complete the verification process.
  • Verifications can take approximately 3 weeks to be completed.


Applicants Applying For Arizona Licensure

For Nurses Applying to Arizona From Another State, You Must Complete An Application*
(DO NOT submit payment to the AZBN for this verification)

For States That Participate In Nursys Verification

  • RN or LPN license verification for endorsement requests submitted through Go to and select “NURSYS Licensure Verification” (Green Box) and follow the directions.
  • Please Note: The NURSYS verification fee is $30.00 per verification sent. For a list of participating states, visit

Four states do not participate in NURSYS verification (Alabama, California, Michigan, and Pennsylvania). If one of these states is your original state of licensure, please contact that state directly to have a verification sent to the Arizona Board of Nursing at [email protected] or mail the form to our physical address.


*All applicants must complete the application process (including payment) before requesting verification for endorsement. Applications for license/certification are required in addition to the verification.