RN Exceptions

  • EXCELSIOR GRADUATES: Enrolled after 9/1/06, who have not practiced 960 hours as an RN in another State must request the school to submit transcripts directly to AZBN showing completion of 120 hours Clinical Nursing Course.
  • Armed Forces: Military programs designed to prepare persons for positions as corpsmen or technicians are not approved programs for licensure in Arizona.
  • Applicants educated in Puerto Rico: Applicants who have graduated before 9/15/06 AND their nursing program has a program code assigned by the National Council State Board of Nurses, are eligible to apply for licensure by exam and endorsement. They are NOT required to complete validation of education or language requirement.

    Applicants who have graduated after 9/15/06 are required to request a report from CGFNS/IERF/ ERES or Josef Silny (validating their educational requirements) be sent directly to AZBN as well as Validation of English Language requirement.

LPN Exceptions

  • The first SBTPE for Vocational Nurses given in the state of TEXAS was in 1952 for one year only. From 1953 through 1967, a state constructed exam was given. Texas started the SBTPE again in 1968.  Vocational Nurses therefore must have taken the examination in 1952 or 1968 to the present.  If the applicant did not take and pass the examination in 1952 and has not taken and passed the examination since 1968, the applicant must request an application for examination.
  • Vocational Nurses requesting endorsement to Arizona from CALIFORNIA may be accepted if they took the SBTPE and passed before June 1974 or the NCLEX-PN® after April 1986.  If the applicant did not take and pass the SBTPE before June of 1974, and the applicant did not take and pass the NCLEX-PN® after April of 1986, the applicant must request an application for examination.
  • State Board Constructed Exams in any State or US territory are not accepted in Arizona. 

Exceptions to the practical nurse receiving military training:

  • Graduates of Sheppard Air Force Base School of Health Sciences 12 month nursing program in Texas between 1970 and 1976 were approved by the National League for Nursing.  Vocational nurse applicants are eligible for licensure by endorsement if they graduated in the above years and passed the SBTPE. Transcripts are to be sent directly to AZBN.
  • Graduates of Fort Sam Houston Army Practical Nurse Program (1 Year) in Texas, and passed the SBTPE or the NCLEX-PN® are eligible for licensure by endorsement.  Request transcripts from usarmy.jbsa.medcom-ameddcs.mbx.registrar@mail.mil  Include name you took course under, social security number, dates course taken and Arizona Board of Nursing address for them to send transcripts directly to AZBN.
  • The Navy has never applied for approval of a Practical Nurse Program to the Arizona State Board of Nursing; therefore applicants are not accepted into Arizona by endorsement.
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