Aspen University

Feb 10, 2022
On January 28, 2022, the Arizona State Board of Nursing considered the investigation of Aspen University's nursing program at its public, regular January Board meeting. Aspen University representatives were present at the meeting with their counsel and addressed the Board, as did Board staff. 
The Board discussed their concerns, including  Aspen University nursing students who have been unable to complete the program or pass the NCLEX exam, which is required nationwide for nurse licensure. The minimum NCLEX pass rate requirement for nursing programs in Arizona is 80% first time exam takers. In 2021, Aspen University nursing program's first time pass rate was less than 60%.
Additional information is available in the audio recording of the Board meeting, 1/28/22 PM Session 1.  The Aspen University matter was heard between 44:00 and 1:22:40.  
After discussion, the Board voted to offer Aspen University's nursing program a consent agreement for a 36 month stayed revocation probation on its provisional approval. As discussed in the public Board meeting, the consent agreement would require suspension of new admissions into the core nursing courses until the program is able to achieve the 80% first time pass rate on the NCLEX, and maintain this minimum pass rate for at least one year. 
Aspen University's nursing program currently holds a provisional approval by the Nursing Board. If  Aspen University does not agree to accept the Board's settlement offer, the Board will start the process for a hearing, similar to a trial. Depending on the results of a hearing, the Board could take disciplinary action against the program.
For additional inquiries related to this matter, please contact Board Chief Counsel Emma Mamaluy at [email protected]