New Occupational Licensing Law - HB2569

Apr 11, 2019

You may have heard recent news reports about a new law, signed by the Governor, that eases licensing requirements for new Arizona residents and military spouses. Additional details to follow, and in the meantime, here is some preliminary information:


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:


  • Q: When does HB2569 go into effect? 
  • A: 90 days after the end of the legislative session, and typically in August. The new law is not in effect at this time. Once the legislative session ends, then the effective date will be calculated for 90 days out.
  • Q: Will nurses still need a license to practice in Arizona?
  • A: Yes, the requirement to hold an Arizona license to practice nursing will not change based on HB2569. HB2569 affects the criteria needed to obtain a license, but does not eliminate the need for a license itself for new Arizona residents.
  • Q: How about nursing assistants?
  • A: Yes, nursing assistants who are new residents to Arizona will still need to obtain an Arizona certificate or license to practice as a nursing assistant, just as before.
  • Q: How does HB2569 affect the nursing multistate compact?
  • A: The multistate compact is not affected by HB2569. The compact licenses are exempted from the new law, so nothing will change regarding the privilege to practice or applications for a multistate license.