Nurse Training Grant HB2691

Dec 14, 2022

Today, the Arizona State Board of Nursing received approval from AHCCCS to administer a 3 year, $25 Million per year, Student Nurse/New Graduate Clinical Placements & Preceptor Training Pilot Grant Program.

This grant was created by HB 2691, and supported by Governor Ducey and Sponsors Osborne (primary), Biasiucci, Chavez, Cook, Dunn, Espinoza, Hernandez A., John, Longdon, Shah, Sierra, Udall, Wilmeth, and Pace.

The purpose of the grant is to increase the number and expertise of nurses in Arizona. The grant is expected to expand the capacity of preceptor training programs at health care institutions and hospitals in Arizona, including assisted living facilities, and nursing care institutions. Programs will be available for nursing and nursing assistant students, and newly licensed or certified nurses. The grant is anticipated to increase the placements of student nurses/new grad nurses and nursing assistants in clinical rotations, increase and enhance preceptor training, and increase the number and retention of nurses and nursing assistants in the state of Arizona.

The grant will be based at the Arizona State Board of Nursing, under the direction of Nursing Board Executive Director Joey Ridenour. The grant will have input and oversight from an Advisory Board, and will be facilitated by program managers. Advisory consultants, listed below, will provide additional oversight and direction:

  • Kathy Malloch, PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN
  • Kathy Scott, PhD, MPA, RN, FACHE
  • Tim Porter O’Grady, DM, EdD, APRN, FAAN, FACCWS

The application for health care institutions to receive grant funds can be found at

Application Dates

  • 12/14 - 1/13 for funding on Jan 31, 2023
  • 1/14 - 2/17 for funding on Feb 28, 2023
  • 2/18 - 3/16 for funding on Mar 31, 2023

The application for the grant is open to health care institutions that are licensed pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes Title 36, Chapter 4. The first round of funding will occur in approximately 30 days.

For more information visit the grant webpage at or contact Dr. Kathy Malloch by email at [email protected].