Scam Alert 9/04

Sep 04, 2020

The Arizona State Board of Nursing has received multiple reports of fraudulent schemes targeting nurses and other professionals, some by email and some by phone. 

The scam emails falsely tell nurses that they are under investigation by the Board for illegal drug trafficking, and are facing an immediate suspension of their license. The message tells the nurses that if they want to avoid the suspension, they need to follow the instructions.

Other licensed professionals have received scam phone calls, with the caller's phone number sometimes appearing on Caller ID to be a licensing board's main phone number. 

The Board provides initial, mailed written notification of investigations, not a phone call or threatening email. 

If you receive a suspicious phone call, please hang up and call or message the Board yourself. The Board's main telephone number is 1-602-771-7800, and the Board's website is:

Nurses receive suspicious emails or phone calls should also:

  • ** Keep any suspicious emails **
  • ** Write down details like date, time, and what was said, or keep the phone number, if any,  of the caller **

Nurses who think that they may be the target or victim of a scammer should contact law enforcement, such as the Office of the Arizona Attorney General, at:, or 602-542-2124, 844-894-4735 (Toll Free)