Staff Directory

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Joey Ridenour, RN, MN, FAANExecutive Director(602) 771-7801[email protected]
Janeen Dahn, Ph.D., RN, FNP-CAssociate Director - Operations, Hearings, and Compliance(602) 771-7814[email protected]
VacantAssociate Director Complaints and Investigations  
Kathy Malloch PhD, MBA, RN, FAANAssociate Director - Education / Evidence Based Regulation(602) 771-7803[email protected]
Judy Bontrager, MN, RNScope Of Practice Expert(602) 771-7802[email protected]
Emma Mamaluy, JDChief Counsel(602) 771-7844[email protected]
Dolores HurtadoSenior Investigator and Assistant to the Associate Director of Complaints and Investigations - Intake Triage Coordinator(602) 771-7845[email protected]
Jamie FivecoatExecutive Staff Assistant(602) 771-7806[email protected]

Complaints / Triage

Dolores HurtadoSenior Investigator/Complaints-Intake Triage Coordinator(602) 771-7845[email protected]
Lynette DraftonExecutive Staff Assistant/Complaints - Intake Triage Coordinator(602) 771-7827[email protected]


Kathy Malloch PhD, MBA, RN, FAANAssociate Director - Education / Evidence Based Regulation(602) 771-7803[email protected]
Lyn LedbetterAdministrative Assistant(602) 771-7856[email protected]
Dave Hrabe, PhD, RN, NC-BCEducation Program Administrator(602) 771-7877[email protected]
Cindy George, BSN, RNEducation Program Administrator(602) 771-7857[email protected]
Kathy Scott, PhD, MPA, BSN, RNEducation Program Administrator(602) 771-7877[email protected]
VacantLegal Secretary  

Fiscal Services

Michael DoddFiscal Officer(602) 771-7809[email protected]
Joshua DeLong, BSA, MBAAccountant(602) 771-7810[email protected]
VacantAccount Specialist II  


Trina SmithLegal Assistant / Hearing Department(602) 771-7844[email protected]


Shawna Bonner, MSN, RNProgram Administrator(602) 771-7833

Diane Caruso, MSN, FNP-C, CRRN

Advanced Practice Nurse Consultant(602) 771-7864
Tiffany Fotinos, MSN, FNP-CAdvanced Practice Nurse Consultant(602) 771-7854
Shannon Bitza, DNP, AGPCNP-BC, AGACNP-BCAdvanced Practice Nurse Consultant(602)771-7851
Kevin Rapkoch, BSN, RNNurse Practice Consultant(602) 771-7867
Loral Pultz, BSN, RNNurse Practice Consultant(602) 771-7878
Ruth Kish, MN, RNNurse Practice Consultant(602) 771-7823
Stephanie Chambers, MN, RNNurse Practice Consultant(602) 771-7818
Amy Winkler-Heistand, BNS, RNNurse Practice Consultant(602) 771-7816
Lisa Brewster, BSN, RNNurse Practice Consultant(602)771-7848
Michelle Bagford, BSN, MHA, CPHQNurse Practice Consultant(602) 771-7889

Senior Investigators

Kirk OlsonSenior Investigator(602) 771-7824
Bonnie Richter, MSWSenior Investigator(602) 771-7828
Michelle MortonSenior Investigator(602) 771-7850
Stephanie CruzSenior Investigator(602) 771-7812
Anna E. Anderson, B.A.Senior Investigator(602) 771-7817
Amy SammitoSenior Investigator(602) 771-7858
Anna SpiegelSenior Investigator(602) 771-7868
Ari HuffSenior Investigator(602) 771-7865
Allison EnriquezSenior Investigator(602) 771-7885
Bella PortueseSenior Investigator(602) 771-7847
Harold RodriguezSenior Investigator(602) 771-7887
Samantha GoikSenior Investigator(602) 771-7876
VacantSenior Investigator(602) 771-7866

Legal Secretaries

Lynette DraftonExecutive Staff Assistant/Complaints-Intake Triage Coordinator(602) 771-7827
Gari CarrollLegal Secretary(602) 771-7841
Tanya VazquezLegal Secretary(602) 771-7852
Marylou RamozLegal Secretary(602) 771-7849

Licensing and Certification

Angie JakubowskiLicense Administrator(602) 771-7836
Lauren SalinasAdministrative Assistant(602) 771-7800
Becky MeltonLicense Specialist(602) 771-7800
Diane WilliamsLicense Specialist(602) 771-7800
Donna FryeLicense Specialist(602) 771-7800
Heather ReedLicense Specialist(602) 771-7800
Helen TayLicense Specialist(602) 771-7800
Monica OrtizLicense Specialist(602) 771-7800

Compliance / Alternative to Discipline and Monitoring

Andrea Vasquez MSN, RN,FNP-CProgram Administrator(602) 771-7811[email protected]
Lily BurtonAdministrative Assistant(602) 771-7890[email protected]
Brent SutterSenior Investigator(602) 771-7860[email protected]
Susan Bushong, B.A.Senior Investigator(602) 771-7821[email protected]
Naira KutnerianLegal Assistant(602) 771-7861[email protected]

Customer Services

Liz KleiserCustomer Service Rep(602) 771-7800
Monica TolbertCustomer Service Rep(602) 771-7800
Jordan SalazarCustomer Service Rep(602) 771-7800
VacantCustomer Service Rep(602) 771-7800


Shannon DietzRecords Room[email protected]

IT Department

Susan ZimmermanLead IT & Senior Database Administrator[email protected]
VacantSystems Administrator 
Rebeca HenslerWeb Applications Developer[email protected]
Jennifer Ingram [email protected]