Nurse Practice Act Test

Did you receive education on the Nurse Practice Act in your nursing program plan of study? *

Question 1: Which action best describes the term professional nursing? *
Question 2: Which of the following is a violation of the nurse practice act regarding delegation? *
Question 3: Which of the following is included in the scope of practice for a Registered Nurse? *
Question 4: The nurse is assigned a patient that she knows from her community. The patient is embarrassed by being cared for by someone he knows and feel exploited. What is this an example of? *
Question 5: According to the professional practice standards, what can a RN delegate? *
Question 6: Which action when delegated to a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) or Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA) by a RN violates the nurse practice act? *
Question 7: Which of the following is included in the description of unprofessional conduct? *
Question 8: Which of the following would be considered unprofessional conduct for a nurse? *
Question 9: Which of the following does the Arizona State Board of Nursing have authority over? *
Question 10: When should a nurse notify the board if they change his/her address? *
Question 11: Interpret when a person is able to practice as a registered nurse without an Arizona or compact license? *
Question 12: In order to qualify for RN licensure in Arizona, what evidence is required of graduates of an international nursing programs? *
Question 13: How often is it required for a nursing license to be renewed in Arizona? *
Question 14: What might occur if the Board finds that a nurse has committed an act of unprofessional conduct and there is insufficient seriousness related to patient care to warrant disciplinary action? *
Question 15: From which of the following does the board have the authority to issue an administrative penalty? *
Question 16: When would the board issue a Board Ordered Evaluation for the purpose of having a professional evaluation related to the alleged conduct? *
Question 17: When comparing the statements below, which action would demonstrate a felony? *
Question 18: What is the benefit of a compact license? *
Question 19: If the board were to dismiss a complaint on a nurse they would need to identify which of the following? *
Question 20: Which of these are considered unprofessional conduct by a nurse? *
Question 21: What meets the board’s practice requirement to renew an expired license? *
Question 22: If a nurse were to engage in a romantic relationship with a patient, the nurse would be demonstrating which of the following? *
Question 23: If another nurse arrives on duty with alcohol on her breath, what should the witnessing nurse do first? *
Question 24: Which of the following represent unprofessional conduct by a nurse? *
Question 25: Which statement describes professionalism by a Registered Nurse? *
Question 26: What are the key components to responsible delegation? *
Question 27: What is the board’s action when there is a request for reissuance of a revoked or voluntarily surrendered license? *
Question 28: A family has a chronically sick child but is unable to consistently provide transportation for the clinic visits. The primary nurse of this child offers to personally transport the child on a regular basis even though the clinic has other options for transportation. What does this represent? *
Question 29: How does a nurse demonstrate understanding of the nursing scope of practice? *
Question 30: A nurse is caring for a woman who was severely injured in a car accident. What action would validate that the nurse recognizes defined nursing standards? *
Question 31: What is not included in the registered nurses scope of practice? *
Question 32: Which of the following is considered unprofessional for a nursing program? *
Question 33: Which of the following is unprofessional conduct? *
Question 34: Which of the following are appropriate actions for a nurse to take when trying to renew a license? *
Question 35: Which method reflects a nurses understanding in providing education to patients? *
Question 36: If the Registered Nurse was to assign a task to a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) which would be appropriate? *
Question 37: Designating an LPN to which of the following would not be appropriate? *
Question 38: During a code situation which of the following would be appropriate for the nurse to delegate to a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)? *
Question 39: Which of the following would not be considered advocating for the patient’s best interest? *
Question 40: Which action would warrant the RN to intervene? *
Question 41: Who legally approves proposed changes to a nurse’s scope of practice *
Question 42: What best defines the RN activities of assessment, planning and evaluation? *
Question 43: What activities is a RN’s responsibility? *
Question 44: A physician yells at a nurse in front of the patient and throws a sharp object. What should the nurse’s option be in response? *
Question 45: What would be considered unprofessional conduct of the RN? *
Question 46: What is an example of maintaining accountability for delegation by the RN? *
Question 47: A homeless patient comes to the ED when the nurse has the patient change into a gown; he/she discards the patient’s unclean clothes and personal possessions. What is this an example of? *
Question 48: What would be a violation of the nurse practice act by the RN? *
Question 49: What would a nurse be subject to if he/she is recently convicted of a felony? *
Question 50: What does the Board of Nursing require for nurses to demonstrate continuing competence when renewing their license? *