Fingerprint Card Instructions


General information


You are required to complete and submit a fingerprint card. NOTE: If you have had previous fingerprinting done with another agency, you must still submit a new set of fingerprints to AZBN. A copy of a clearance card issued by DPS is not a substitute for this requirement. If you have previously paid the background check fee to the Arizona State Board of Nursing within the past 2 years, you will not need to submit fingerprints again. Return the completed blue and white FD-258 fingerprint card in a large envelope to: Arizona State Board of Nursing 1740 W Adams St Ste#2000 Phoenix, AZ 85007. DO NOT fold the fingerprint card.


Accepted Fingerprint Card

The only fingerprint card accepted is FD-258 Blue and White Applicant cards.


Where do I obtain fingerprinting services?


Call your local police department, sheriff’s office or check for names of private agencies where you can obtain fingerprints. (The agency you use must validate your identification with a driver’s license or a State issued ID. The agency will provide the fingerprint card for you to use. Fingerprints done by an applicant on themselves will be returned and will delay processing time.)


How to complete the fingerprint card

To facilitate prompt & accurate processing of the fingerprint card:


  • type or print legibly, in BLACK INK
  • stay within the blocks – DO NOT OVERLAP THE BLUE LINES
  • your name on the card must be identical to the name on your application
  • no more than one correction paper tab per fingerprint block (where prints are rolled)
  • no writing in the fingerprint block except “amp” (amputated) or “bnd” (finger bandaged)
  • no staples anywhere on the card
  • do not use “Best Prints Possible” stamp on the card


Do not fold the fingerprint card!


Use the abbreviations listed below for the physical description items.



Enter your residence address, not your mailing address (unless they are the same).


Enter any aliases used, including maiden name.


Enter the two letter state abbreviation or spell out a foreign country.


F = Female                            M = Male


A = Asian/Pacific Islander          I = American Indian/Alaskan Indian   

U = Unknown

B = Black                    W = White or Hispanic


Express in feet and inches. Do not use fractions of an inch; round off to the nearest inch. EX: 5’9”. DO NOT USE METRIC SYSTEM.


Express in pounds. Do not use fractions of a pound; round off to the nearest pound. EX: 139 lb. DO NOT USE METRIC SYSTEM


BLK = Black        BRN = Brown       GRN = Green     

MAR = Maroon            PNK = Pink BLU = Blue          

GRY = Gray          HZL = Hazel      MUL = Multicolored  

XXX = Unknown


BLK = Black        BRN = Brown       GRY = Gray         

SDY = Sandy               BLU = Blue

BLN = Blonde or “strawberry” WHI = White       

RED = Red or Auburn

PNK = Pink           PLE = Purple         ONG = Orange    

XXX = Unknown or completely bald


Processing time


Processing of the card takes approximately 8-12 weeks. An incomplete or folded fingerprint card will be returned and will delay processing. Delays will also occur if the information you printed overlaps the borders of the block you wrote in. Delays may also occur if the fingerprint card is returned by DPS/FBI because the fingerprints are not legible. No permanent license/certificate will be issued until both state and federal criminal history clearance has been received.


Fingerprinting authority


A.R.S. section § 32-1606, & A.R.S. § 32-1646 of the Nurse Practice Act authorizes the Board to deny licensure/certification based on felony conviction(s). Fingerprints are required in order for DPS/FBI to conduct background checks for criminal convictions.


Applicant Record Notification


Your fingerprints will be used to check the criminal history records of the FBI.


If you have a criminal history record, the officials making a determination of your suitability for the job, license, or other benefit must provide you the opportunity to complete or challenge the accuracy of the information in the record. You should be afforded a reasonable amount of time to correct or complete the record (or decline to do so) before officials deny you the job, license, or other benefit based on information in the criminal history records.


Applicant Review and Challenge


  • Arizona Criminal History Record:
    • Please contact the Department of Public Safety Criminal History Records Unit at (602) 223-2222 to obtain a fingerprint card, copy of your criminal history record, a Review and Challenge packet, or you can download the information from the Criminal History Records Unit section of the DPS website. The Department of Public Safety provides the Review and Challenge packet pursuant to R13-1-08 of the Arizona Administrative Code.
  • FBI Criminal History Record:
    • Please contact the FBI at (304) 625-5590 to request a copy of your criminal history record, update, and/or challenge the content of the record. Submittal forms, checklists and more information on how to Review and Challenge an FBI criminal history record can be found at under Identity History Summary Checks. You may submit fingerprints, an Applicant Information Form, and payment directly to the FBI according to the procedures in Title 28 Code of Federal Regulations §16.30-16.34.


Why fingerprints are rejected


  1. There is highlighter on the fingerprint image blocks. (The scanners cannot read the information.)
  2. The fingerprint image bleeds onto the blue line or overlaps the borders of that block (scanners cannot pick up the entire image)
  3. If there is more than one tab per fingerprint block. That means if the first print image on a finger was bad and you put a tab on the image and retake the image and it is a good image that is okay. However, if the second print is also bad you cannot use a second tab. A new card will have to be completed.
  4. There is writing in the fingerprint blocks. ONLY exception: amputated (amp) or finger bandaged (bnd).
  5. Staples are anywhere on the card
  6. The fingerprint image is illegible
  7. “Best Prints Possible” stamp is on the card
  8. Prints are not straight up and down on the card
  9. Cards have been folded or bent

FBI Privacy Act Statement

As an applicant who is the subject of a national fingerprint-based criminal history record check for a noncriminal justice purpose (such as an application for employment or a license, an immigration or naturalization matter, security clearance, or adoption), you have certain rights which are discussed below. All notices must be provided to you in writing. 1 These obligations are pursuant to the Privacy Act of 1974, Title 5, United States Code (U.S.C.) Section 552a, and Title 28 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), 50.12, among other authorities.

FBI Privacy Act Statement

Guidelines for Required FBI Notifications of Applicant Privacy Rights

Agencies which submit fingerprints to receive FBI criminal history records are required to make certain notifications to applicants who are fingerprinted for noncriminal justice purposes. All applicants must be advised of this and in writing PRIOR to submitting the fingerprint card to the FBI (via DPS), not just those who dispute an employment and/or a license denial.

Guidelines for Required FBI Notifications of Applicant Privacy Rights