Advisory Opinions

The Board receives many inquiries regarding advisory opinions related to nursing practice and /or education. An advisory opinion adopted by the Board is an interpretation by the Board of what the law requires. While an advisory opinion is not law, it is more than a recommendation. In other words, an advisory opinion is an official opinion of the Arizona Board of Nursing regarding the practice of nursing as it relates to a specific standard of care. ARS 32-1606 (A) (2). 

Within the scope for:Title:
RN/LPNAbandonment of Patients
APRNAcupuncture Procedures Performed by APRNs
APRNAdministration and Monitoring of Subanesthetic IV Ketamine
RNAdministration of Radioisotope for Subtraction Ictal SPECT Co-registered to MRI (SISCOM)
RNNitrous Oxide Administration
RNAdministration of Interpleural Medications
ALLAdvisory Opinion Process
RNAmniotomy/Fetal Spiral Electrodes
RNAnalgesia by Catheter Techniques: (Epidural, Intrathecal, Interpleural, Perineural)
APRNAnesthetic Agents Administered by Registered Nurses for Limited Purposes: Airway Management & Peripheral Nerve Block 
LPNApheresis Donor: Role of the LPN
APRNAPRN Program Clinicals in AZ by Out of State Programs
RNAssessing Patient-Client Conditions - The Role of The RN
RNAuricular Acupuncture - Role of the RN
RNBlood Cell Salvage - Role of the RN
RNBone Marrow Aspiration & Biopsy
RNCardiac Electrophysiology Related Procedures Performed by RN's
APRNCare for Transexual, Transgender, and Gender Nonconforming Populations
RNCentral Venous Catheter Insertion and Removal by Registered Nurses
APRNCertified Nurse Midwives Ordering Regional Analgesia in Labor Management
CRNACertified Registered Nurse Anesthetists Performance of Preadmission and Pre-Procedural Comprehensive History and Physical Exam
RNCervical Ripening Agents and Prostaglandin Suppositories
RNChest Tubes: Removal of Pleural and Mediastinal Chest Tubes
RN/LPNContrast Media Injection Into Coronary Arteries
APRNControlled Substances for the Treatment of Chronic Pain
CNA/LNADecision Tree for the CNA/LNA
RN/LPNDelegation of Nursing Tasks by RN/LPN
RN/LPNDetermination of Death: Role of RN/LPN
ALLDistance Education
RN/LPNDual Profession and Dual Health Care Licensure/Certification
RN/LPNEndoscopic Procedures: The Role of the RN
APRNEpidural Analgesia by Nurse Anesthetist
RNExternal Jugular Cannulation for Peripheral IV and/or Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter
RNExternal Ventricular Drain Management, Cerebral Spinal Fluid Sampling and Line Flushing
RNFlexible Sigmoidoscopy for Screening Purposes
RN/LPNFoot Care
LPNHemodialysis: Role of the LPN
RN/LPNImmunization Administration by Using A Nursing Protocol in an Ambulatory Setting
RNInformed Consent
RN/LPNInfusion Therapy-Venipuncture: The Role of the Licensed Practical Nurse
RNIntra-Aortic Balloon Catheter Removal
RN/LPNIntranasal Administration of Versed (Midazolam) for Treatment of Signs & Symptoms of Acute Seizure Outside the Clinical Setting
RNIntrauterine Pressure Catheters
RNIntrauterine/Intracervical Insemination
RNIntraventricular Implanted Devices Temporary Intracranial Catheters
RNIntubation-Endotracheal and the Use of Advanced Airway Devices-The Role of the RN
APRNIonizing Radiation Order and Interpretation
RNKetamine Administration
RNLaparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band (LAGB) Fill
RN/LPNLocal Anesthetic Agents Infiltration: Role of Nurse
RNLumbar Puncture
RN/LPNMedical Esthetic Procedures Performed by Licensed Nurses
LPNMilitary Veterans with a Healthcare Designation Seeking to Sit for NCLEX- PN
RNNitrous Oxide Administration
APRNNurse Practitioner Description of Roles and Functions
APRNOff Label Prescribing Drugs, Devices and Therapeutics
RN/LPNOrders: Accepting, Transcribing, Reviewing Orders
RNPeripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) Insertion, Suturing, Maintenance, Removal and Verification of Tip Placement
CNA/LNAPractice Decision Tree for the Certified Nursing Assistant & The Licensed Nursing Assistant
STUDENTPreceptorship For Pre-Licensure - Students (New)
RNPre-Hospital Nursing
APRNPrescriber Use of the Controlled Substance Prescription Monitoring Program (CSPMP)
APRNPrescribing Buprenorphine And/Or Providing Treatment for Opioid Use Disorders
RN/LPNPrescription Medication Renewals Using a Nursing Protocol in an Ambulatory Setting
RNPunch and Shave Biopsies Performed by RNs
RNRegistered Nurse First Assistant - RNFA
APRNRole of the Advanced Practice RN: Treating & Prescribing of Medications to Self and/or Family
RNRole of the Clinical Instructor
RNSedation: Deep, Moderate, Palliative and Analgesia
RN/LPNScope of Practice Decision Tree
FACULTY/STUDENTSimulation in Approved RN/LPN Programs
RNSheath Removal, Placement of Mechanical Compression Devices, and Deploymeny of Vascular Closure Devices
RN/LPNStanding Order Protocols-Decision Support Tools
RNSupervision of Unlicensed Nurse Externs By Registered Nurses
ALLTelehealth Nursing Practice
FACULTYTesting Guidelines for Pre-Licensure Nursing Programs in Arizona
APRNTrigger Point Injection, Intraarticular Joint Injection and Facet Joint Injection
RNUltrasounds Limited OB GYN and Reproductive
RNVaginal Speculum Exam and Specimen Collection
RNVascular Closure Device Deployment by the RN
LPNVentilator and Tracheostomy Care: Role of the LPN
RN/LPNWound Care & Conservative Sharp wound Debridement: The Role of the RN & LPN